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Gourmands on Paradise Island can indulge their passion for gourmet Japanese cuisine at Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's famed restaurant, Nobu. Framed by a glowing green archway and located just off the casino floor, Nobu's unique ambiance and intimate dining experience are simply not to be missed. The restaurant's perennial popularity and devoted following are a tribute to the Chef putting his own spin on traditional Japanese fare. A large bar and entryway provide seating for dinner guests, as well as those simply looking to relax with a glass of wine or cocktail. In addition to two small-scale dining areas on either side of the main dining space, Nobu also boasts a hidden "jewel," the sake cellar.

Information & Menus

Operating Hours

Dinner: 5:30 - 10:00pm Friday - Saturday Sushi Bar/Lounge 5:30 - 11:00pm


Age Restrictions

Under 6 can be seated at 5:30pm and 6:00pm only


Reservations within 90 days of travel


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