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*Conference extras are available only for groups with a minimum of 10 rooms per night.
*Not available for purchase outside of Bahamas.

Retail thecove cap

Blue Cap

<b>22200169</b> $14.00

Retail thecove cap stone

Stone Cap

<b>35700101</b> $15.40

Retail thecove jutetote

Jute Tote

<b>58900025</b> $12.00

Retail thecove reversibletote

Reversible Tote

<b>88100016</b> $25.00

stainless steel bottle 350 236 0 0

16 Oz. Stainless Steel Timber Bottle

<b>22200060</b> $21.50 <br> The Cove Atlantis printed logo

glitter tumbler 350 236 0 0

14 Oz. Glitter Tumbler

<b>22200119</b> $19.50 <br> The Cove Atlantis logo laser engraved.