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The Cove Pool, first recognized for its one-of-a-kind design, will re-open this November featuring a partnership with renowned artist, textile, jewelry, and accessories designer, Lulu DK. The renovation will include new, one-of-a-kind Lulu DK-designed poolside cabanas featuring unique surfboard art (original paintings by Lulu that have been blown up onto the surfboards). Each surfboard will have its own distinct interior personality, with different hues, fabric designs and an overall feel inspired by the island. In addition to the cabanas, Lulu DK is redoing all day beds and chaise lounges, positioned around The Cove Pool and its nearby ocean. <br/><br/><div class="videoWrapper"><iframe frameborder="0" height="608" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/lsqm12In3zw?rel=0&ampautohide=1&wmode=transparent" width="100%"></iframe></div>

Sip Sip Lobster Quesadilla

Sip Sip

Bahamian Chef Julie Lightbourn will bring her “Caribterranean” menu – “Bahamian but with a twist” – to The Cove’s brand new, redesigned poolscape.

fish joseandres


Coming Soon to The Cove. The unique seafood-focused concept from chef José and his team will celebrate the delectable abundance of fish and seafood from the azure waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea, delivering an unmatched dining experience for resort guests as well as locals.

Cain Cabanas


Nestled between the beach and the main pool, 20 private cabanas are available for rental. Anchored by twin patios on opposite sides, these teak-wood louvered villas can be opened completely on three sides to reveal breathtaking views of the beach and pool.

Cain 9000Pool lulu

9,000 SQ FT. POOL

Exclusive to adult guests of The Cove Atlantis, on the apex of Cove and Paradise beaches, the 9,000 square-foot pool is decidedly sophisticated with two separate elevated infinity pools at each end.

Cain Cafe


The Cove Pool Café and bar is located near the pool, serving light fare and cocktails throughout the day. Hours for the Café & Grill are 11:00am – 5:00pm

Cain Daybed


Guests can relax on one of several freestanding persimmon daybeds surrounding the pool or wade out to the center where they will find a small grouping of daybeds with 360 degree views.

Cain Poolside


Poolside and beach concierges provide complete food and beverage service, the latest in games, arrangements for special activities and water sports.

Cain Gaming


An outdoor gaming pavilion houses one mini-craps and six blackjack tables.